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At 12:44pm on September 4, 2014, Bob Mongell said…

Hi Brad !  Thank you very much for your note!  I am very excitedly awaiting my new pan to add to my musical experience.  I play the squeezebox (concertina), bowed psaltery and the hammered dulcimer and I have a number of very talented musical friends here in Maine.  The steel pan will be a Fabulous addition!!!  Again, Thank you for the Welcome!

At 5:01pm on September 4, 2014, Bob Mongell said…


Hello again Brad.... if you are going to be in Maine this weekend, I'm having a another musical BBQ.  You are more than welcome to come!

At 10:54am on September 6, 2014, Jacqueline Powers said…

Thanks for the welcome Brad. I am happy to have found your tropical shores site and now this forum as well. I love the pan, lived on a sailboat in the Caribbean for 3 years and fell in love with the instrument. I play the double seconds with Kainga Music School in Carlsbad. I also have a private instructor downtown but have only been playing 18 months with the school and maybe 4 months one on one. Like others on this site I have no music theory background but tend to pick up "my part" quickly. I am learning to play on my own without the other pan players, mixing some melody and rhythm. My main stumbling block is 1) improv….I watch the lead tenor pan players whip out some nice licks but it all seems more difficult on the DS. 2) playing along with backing tracks…not sure why I get

thrown off, most likely because I tend to play too quickly if nothing els.  Anyway, I see you have some books and CDS….will they work for me playing the DS??? I can not read music quickly but can sit down with a printed score and write the notes above and with an audio piece I can muddle through til I figure it all out.

Cheers and thanks for all you do!


At 9:38am on September 20, 2014, Kurt Jardine said…
Thank you, I'm looking forward to learning some music here
At 12:21pm on October 28, 2014, Kurt Jardine said…

Hi Brad,

I just want to thank you for my new experience with VistaPan and Panland.

Kurt Jardine 

At 12:38pm on October 28, 2014, Kurt Jardine said…

Hi again Brad,

In regard to the CD Acc. Was this made from a Keyboard? I,m  interested in making some new songs with the same effect.



At 9:55am on January 25, 2015, Frank Wood said…

Hey Brad! Its great to be a part of this, and thank you for having me.

I would like to thank you for the kindness and generosity that you have shown my daughter Mindi when ordering playbooks as gifts for me this holiday season. She enjoyed very much speaking with you and was overwhelmed with your service and attention.

At 1:22pm on February 21, 2015, Tom Williams said…

Hi Brad;

Thanks for your warm welcome. I've enjoyed learning pan from several of your teaching books and hope to learn a lot more. I'm not really sure of using all the features of this site but it looks great and it will be  fun learning.

At 8:19am on May 4, 2015, Norman Black said…

Hi Brad, I'm happy that I found this site. I just recently bought a pan and I'm enjoying learning to play. The books I ordered from you are great and the instructional videos on this site are fantastic.

I am having trouble uploading a profile picture. I tried several pictures at different resolutions and I get an error. I did upload one picture but it didn't go into "profile".

At 7:48am on September 28, 2015, Elija Breakbee said…

Thanks for your wonderful lessons!

At 2:30am on November 13, 2015, Clay Johnston said…

Thanks Brad. I enjoy your work. I play in a couple of Richard Rudolph's bands in Roanoke and Smith Mountain Lake VA. Been playing for about 2.5 years now and having a blast.

At 5:20pm on March 29, 2016, george batoosingh said…

Hi brad,I have a lot of songs that I's like to play for get- togethers,parties etc. I have no backup tracks and wouldn't know how to make them even if I had the equipment. .Is there a chance of hearing a snipet of the backtracks that you offer for sale? or are they the same as the tracks on your vids.Most of the songs I know are the same as the ones you have your on- line lessons .Please write back , PS: your videos are quite helpful as far as the improv ideas go.Keep up the good work.It's nice to have you to turn to for advice on PAN.

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