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Peace Drums Project

Hi fellow pan lovers.  The Peace Drums Project is an initiative to bring peace through music, wherein Muslim, Christian and Jewish kids in the Middle East are learning to play steel drums TOGETHER as a band.  Their first USA concerts will be in April in New York, Philadelphia, and Delaware.  Come and listen, and support their efforts through donations.  Learn more at http://peacedrumsproject.org .  Thanks! 

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Playing pan outside in cold weather

Hi all, I've been told by many pan players that to avoid your drum going out of tune, never allow direct sunlight on your pan, although it's okay to play in the shade in very hot weather.  What about cold weather?  Is there any guidance on a cold temperature threshold not to play in outdoors?  Thanks!

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4bgNonrumk ;

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4bgNonrumk ;

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Major Chords - quick and easy reference in Excel

Thanks to friend and fellow pan player, Curt Laub, for this quick and easy reference to chords.


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Musical Service

I played for the first time with a band, for a musical service at our house of worship.  There were 8 of us instruments (mandolin, bass, banjo, two guitars, two bongos, and me on steel pan).  It was the first time a steel pan has ever played in one of our services, and everyone was smiling and swaying to the sounds of my pan.  So many happy people afterwards.  What a blessing!

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Well, after practicing pan for 11 months, I finally had my first gig (a friend's kids graduation party).  I am SO glad that I worked my way up to this in phases.  Phase 1:  in the park for strangers.  I started playing at the local park in front of passerby's.  I worked through the butterflies, and the occasional mistake as a person might stand 2 feet away to see me play, or lifted their kid next to me to see into the pan as I played.  I made a bunch of mistakes, but it was all fine in front…


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Pan tunes 9 pics

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Pan Kat

Alternate Mode Pan KAT

Up for auction is a Pan KAT Midi Steel Drum that I used to play reggae tunes.  I have had the Pan KAT for 10 + years but really only used it for about a year to play solo steel drum and some Jimmy Buffett tunes for friends (I am a guitar player).  The original unit cost about $1,800 without the case and I am offering it up for $825 plus shipping.  I used an older Roland MIDI sampler (not included) for the steel drum sounds but IndigiSounds (YouTube link…


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Advanced pan technique

So there are lots of books and videos on how to play pan - all the ones I've seen are for beginners. Anybody know of Advanced technique books? I see LiamTteague does a beginner book- I would love for him to do one for more advanced players.

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Steel Drum Apparel

Shirts and hats are now available at Tropical Shores Productions www.tropicalshores.net  ;…


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