i play a lead made my david beery... it is a d pan and i have several others.  i have one made by UTP which made pans under the direction of Ellie Mannette in the 90's.  Linda plays a double guitar made by david beery and it is the old invader guitar pattern.

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Oh neat, I read that Coyle started building 24.5s but I didnt realise that they were already in circulation. Wonderful!

Jeff Grossenbacher said:

Mine is a Tenor 24.5 (Wouldn't mind the 26 Rigid Rim...) built by Coyle Drums. Sounds pretty good I think, though I do need a tune sometime soon. Sounds like he's heading up here soon, so we'll get that taken care of...

I play a C lead/tenor made by Mappo.

I play an old panyard pan from '95.  It is almost 20 years old and it still sounds great! Tom Reynolds keeps it in top shape for me.

My lead was made by Mappo and I got it directly from Trinidad. He's an amazing builder.

I also have a set of double seconds made by Cliff Alexis. He's the man.

I currently play a low c lead pan that I bough used from a teacher of at my local college and I get a brand new low f double second made from Steve soon. It will be chromed.

I play Tripple Guitar. I have two sets my first was ordered through a music store from a blind maker in Trinidad. The tuning was not good- could not keep a few notes in tune and a couple smaller notes just were not there. The second is a Mannette. I contacted the shop directly ordered and got in the cue. It took 6 months to deliver but so worth the wait. 

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