i play a lead made my david beery... it is a d pan and i have several others.  i have one made by UTP which made pans under the direction of Ellie Mannette in the 90's.  Linda plays a double guitar made by david beery and it is the old invader guitar pattern.

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'98 Panyard (non solid hoop design).  top 3 notes removed last year and repositioned the inner circle to give me 3 great notes.  So my drum went from 29 notes to 26.  I have a great sounding drum even for it's age.

I play a Panyard Solid Hoop tenor.  

that's cool mike... i've never seen one

I have a 7 piece band with 3 tenors, 2 single seconds !!, double guitars and 5 Basses, although we tend to perform with 2 tenors and split into 4 or 5 parts where the tenors or seconds split.


sounds great nicky.. i understand about splitting parts up.  our school ensemble is 3 leads, 2 dbl seconds, 2 double guitars, 1 tenor bass, 1 bass, and 1 drum set player

I would love some cellos to fill that part of the range but my back couldn't take moving them around the school when I first started. Sadly since I set up working from home in our lovely big conservatory in September, to save my poor back from damage in the future, it has now started causing me problems. Am spending my earnings on acupuncture to try to fix it !! :(

Oh and the performing group don't stick to the same pan. They find it more fun to move around and they literally do swap pans in the middle of a piece sometimes !! Tenor to Tenor and Second to Second. Looks quite funnny and the audiences love it especially when my daughter won't let her friend swap and plays both at once !!

Mine is a Tenor 24.5 (Wouldn't mind the 26 Rigid Rim...) built by Coyle Drums. Sounds pretty good I think, though I do need a tune sometime soon. Sounds like he's heading up here soon, so we'll get that taken care of...

Our school has ten pans, eight of which were made by Carl Chase.

Our middle school has 2 leads, 1 double tenor, 2 double seconds, 1 cello, 1 guitar, a tenor bass and a 6-bass....all made by Carl Chase.

I have a 6th grade band that meets as a class twice a week and a 7/8th grade band that meets after school.  I also have a faculty band that meets after school when we can.  Our program is brand new this year.  All players stay on the same instrument all the time instead of switching around.  When I get the opportunity to play instead of direct, I play lead pan.

 I have a few pans.  The two I use most are a 4ths and 5ths I got from Gill's Pan Shop in "98 and an Invader made by Mappo in '07.  My other pans are from Egar Mayers, and Lincoln Noel.

I play a spider web bore tenor  built by Ellie Mannette in 05. Robbie Davis did the initial tuning and Steve Lawrie recently tuned her in Oct 2011. I named my pan Neveah whch is heaven spelled backwards, but a very special young lady named her "Baby"

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