HI everyone,    

you may have seen my previous post about pricing a bar gig fridays 5 to 8 pm.   Bars are tricky i have heard from many musicians.    

Well,   all was going well, crowd really loves it.    My son and I love the gig, play 3 hrs. in a local tiki bar , getting paid $300.  so far, we did it about 5 times (FRI night).

after the 4th time, and 5 mins before i was to start playing, the owner told me he cannot afford the 300, because he was not selling enough dinners/lack of money.  said he loves us, nothing personal, but cannot afford it, so he can afford $200, not a penny more,  i tried to negotiate more, but he would not budge.  I thought about it, was initially offended,  called him in 3 days,and agreed, but i did change the time to a later time of 6-9, which he agreed to, in the hopes of more customers.    

i agreed for several reasons:  it's close to my home, im getting great experience and exposure for bigger and better gigs, have nothing else in feb/march.   

here's my question,  at what point do i approach owner again to discuss more $.  Last fri, place was very busy, i took pictures with my phone of all the tables .   don't have any other gigs lined up yet, but i am working on it.

thanks for your feedback/comments/ suggestions.    Terry

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did you think of shortening your gig by one hour?  

no, i did not think of that.    That's a great idea.   i should have thought of that before i agreed to it and went under the new lower price.

Definitely shorten the gig. The worst part is when you agree to a pay cut (or get bullied into one) you are allowing the entire industry to suffer, because it teaches the bars that they are allowed to use live musicians without giving us what we're worth. I've seen it in the Newport/Providence scene a lot when new players get into gigs by undercutting the guys that have been gigging for decades. I'm a younger player, but I try not to play for anything less than the seasoned guys play for because I'm offering a highly professional product. Stand by what you're worth! By sticking to your guns, you are placing a higher value on yourself. And Brad's suggestion of shortening the gig - although taking less money - is still saying you're WORTH more than what they're paying you for a certain amount of time. Keep up the good fight!

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