I am wondering how people travel with their steel pans.  I am going to a festival this summer and would like to take my steel pan.  I have a hard Humes and Berg case, but it doesn't seem sturdy enough to withstand baggage handlers.  Does anyone have recommendations on best practices for flying with a steel pan?



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I have a case that I purchased from Panyard many years ago and it is very sturdy.

I have a plastic, hard shell Humes&Berg case for my tenor pan.  I used it when I sent my drum through American Airlines on a recent non-stop flight to the Caribbean.  The drum arrived slightly out of tune on one note, most likely from an impact on the side of the shell.  The return trip didn't have any further out of tune notes.  Actually, I was more worried about the drum "disappearing" somewhere between ticketing and final baggage claim.  I'd been advised to put a GPS tracker in the case for that reason, but the ones I researched are too bulky and costly, and frankly that GPS could be removed easily enough.

I too have a Humes & Berg case, LOVE it! I have a swimming pool noodle [ stout one, not the cheapest $2 one. a whopping $3.50  ...lol..] around the bottom. The rim of the drum rests on it (shock absorber) and protects the bowl. (keeps it away from  the wall).

P. S. I also installed two casters on the bottom of the case and two on the lid! makes it much easier to lug around.

Interesting protection device!  Would love to see a photo or two of the noodle in place and casters.  Thx. Don't think that noodle would protect from side impact on the circular side, though, only flat top bottom edge impact.  Has it worked more than once that way?

Thanks for the info.  We'll see how the cross-country flight goes in July!

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